Have Problem with D-Link ADSL Modem

>> Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adsl d-link modem

After moving to the new place, I have several problems during connect to the internet and it's make me feel so crazy because I can't access to the internet. So for the mean time I can post and update this Computer and Laptop Second. The problem is the ADSL Modem is get broke and I don't know what cost it and why that modem can connect to the internet. so I have to buy another ADSL modem and thanks God, I can find the cheap one with good quality of course.

So, If you have some problem with your ADSL Modem, please don't be hesitate to contact me on Computer and Laptop Second or YM me on omd3d1@yahoo.com. I will answer every question if I can. So have a nice day and good luck


How To Promote Computer and Laptop on the internet

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

laptop second dimana ya, cari laptop second bagus murah
computer ku, computer bagus murah
It's not easy thing to sell the computer or laptop, no matter it's new or second, we have to know the market and how to promote just to sell the computer. Computer and Laptop Second now learning how to promote the product on the internet by hoping that someone will see this blog and contact me to buy a computer or laptop.

But for newbie it's very hard to make this blog become known by people on the internet, so I have to learn again and again how to make this blog known by people and that's not an easy job to do, it's much hard with sale a computer or maybe more harder, but that's the challenge for me to knew the new world.

If anyone interest to buy Computer and Laptop New or Second, you can visit this blog and contact me on YM (omd3d1@yahoo.com), thanks!


Having Trouble with ADSL Modem

>> Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Having trouble with modem ADSL that's make me crazy and make the Internet Cafe can not operating one full day. So, I can't also make a post for Computer and Laptop Second. But today I will post and write about how to maintain your Modem ADSL keep running without having trouble and if you already did, you can also try this trick.

First if we use modem often with long duration, it's better if we put some cooling fan under the modem so the modem will not overheat, usually modem is failure or broken because of overheat. second, clean your modem once a week, you can use brush to clean it. third, don't push the modem work too hard, because we all know that's everything if we push too hard wont work correctly.

and if you already having trouble with your modem ADSL, may be you can open the cover of the modem, and try to clean up the PCB from dust, because dust is one of the main problems which can make an electronic stop functioning. you can clean with using brush or may be you can add a little alcohol to remove the dust.

May be enough for today and hope you all have a nice day. Thanks for visiting COMPUTER AND LAPTOP SECOND.


What do you want from Your Computer?

>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sometimes you need something incredible in your life, including the tools who help you to finish your work and make your work more efficiently. And computer or laptop is one of the main tools or equipments if you are work using a computer, no matter that Laptop, Notebook or PC.

So, what I want to tell you now is what kind of computer you want to use to help you finish your work and job more efficiently and cost a little, as cheap as possible. My suggestion is you have to compare your job with the ability of computer. Example is, if you are only needed that computer for typing, or counting using only Microsoft Word and Excel, may be you not necessary you buy a expensive and the newest models of the computer, because that's not efficient. What you want for the computer to work is just typing and accounting, so may be you wont need a computer with specification such as Intel Dualcore, Core Two Duo, AMD M2, AMD X3 or the latest product of computer manufacturing.

But if you are working with something needed very powerful for computer performance, you have to make your computer very reliable and powerful, maybe if you use computer for 3D Graphic, Online Games, Rendering Video, Big Database or anything else that's will make the maximum of computer hardware.

So once again I suggest to all of you, before you decide you need to buy a computer, just make sure is that computer can make your work efficient without have wasting money to buy a powerful and expensive computer if you only need the minimum computer work such as typing and accounting.

Thanks for visiting Computer and Laptop Second, I hope what I wrote is can make an input for you all.


Symantec Ghost Program

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sometimes I need to reinstall the computer of my client, but that's take time, really a lot of times. So I think why don't I use Ghost program and I heard that will make the installation times more faster. and here it is the step and the way how to make the image of symantec ghost.

First thing you need Symantec Ghost program that you can search on Google, after that, you need to boot from DOS, and you can make those boot from Windows 98 CD, I think you all already know about the process. than just run that Symantec Ghost Program./

On that program you need to make an image for windows installation, so what you have to do know make image from hard drive that's contain windows than you make image from it using Symantec Ghost. carefully when you choose between source and destination disk, many case they confuse and make the master drive become broken when they do the Ghost thing.

May be in other post I will make complete instruction how to make Image Ghost. Thanks for visiting Computer and Laptop Second.


BIOSTAR Motherboard support AMD M2 Processor

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Want to have lowest price computers with fastest performance, you may have to think of this PC specification. you may use :
Mainboard or Motherboard Biostar support AMD M2 processor
Processor : AMD Processor Sempron M2
Ram DDR2 up to 4 Gb
VGA internal up to 512 mb
with 4 SATA Slot
and also PCI Express for Add on VGA up to 2 Gb

I'm already sale for much Internet Cafe with those specification and they using for Games Online beside browsing and chatting and they are very satisfied with those specification.

May be you can try this and other hardware is up to you, such as hard drive, optical drive, ram, processor, and VGA (may be you want to use PCI Express to make more faster when play online games).

Thanks for visiting Computer and Laptop Second.


Carefully when Buy Hard Drive Seagate

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

hardisk seagate 320gb, hard disk, gambar hard drive
hardisk seagate 320gb, hard disk, gambar hard drive

Want to buy Hardisk, Hard Drive or Hard Disk especially Seagate, you may have to pay attention with the hard drive labels. Look carefully the labels, if the hard drive is around by Green Label, that's mean that hard drive is recondition or Guarantee back hard drive. And the hard drive without green label that's mean mostly that hard drive still original one, not repair or recondition. On that green labels also written this is certified repaired hard drive and from that information we know that hard drive is repaired.

By the way if you need Hard Drive Seagate 320gb second with lowest price, only Rp. 330.000,- you can have it, just call Computer and Laptop Second or YM me at omd3d1@yahoo.com. Guarantee one month.

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